Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Murder By Proxy - Book 4 of the Nick Fallon Investigations

Nick Fallon and Jeff Stevens take on what they consider an easy case - taking photographs of a man cheating on his wife - but what they don't expect to see is the guy shot down right in front of them. What follows is a bewildering series of events - - and who can they believe? The dead man's fiancee, her gay brother, her less than loving father, or his wife - the woman who hired them in the first place? When the fiancee turns up missing, Nick and Jeff have their hands full trying to sort the truth from the lies - and when Nick is left to face dangerous gunmen alone, who knows what the outcome will be.


  1. I have been waitin on this book....*sigh* I adore this series....
    Thanks for all the great reads from you JP!

    your fan,

  2. I only have book 1 in the series. Have not read it yet but looking forward to adding to my library. Book 4 sounds like it has a lot of action and intrigue which is something I look for in a book. Congrats on your recent published books!!

    taina1959 at yahoo dot com