Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Release - He Ain't Heavy

Brad and Duncan McKinley, brothers, best friends and business partners think that the most difficult part of the days ahead will be the aftermath of their coming out to their parents---but secrets their parents had been keeping from them all their lives come to light in a brutal fashion.
The murder of their parents exposes a brother they never knew existed, a man without a conscience who is out to destroy them, but not before he reveals to them something that will not only change their lives forever, but also make them come to terms with the feelings for one another they have suppressed for years.

Christmas Wishes

Christopher Fielding has no choice but to spend Christmas with his family in York, away from William Macpherson, the biology professor with whom he has fallen in love. Finding his sister Nan in some distress over her pregnancy, Christopher makes a wish that all will be well with her and the baby, and another that William, traveling by train to his family in Scotland will be safe from the blizzard raging over the countryside.

As Christmas Eve approaches, William's train is stranded in snow drifts and Nan's baby is about to arrive prematurely. Cut off by the weather from a doctor's help, the family is in despair, and Christopher feels that his wishes may not be enough. Perhaps what they now need is nothing short of a miracle.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Victoria's Sunday Snog

An excerpt from my Christmas story - A Special Christmas:

“You leaving?” Daniel stared at them.
“I’m drunk,” Brett said, “and this nice man is gonna walk me home.”
“Make sure you stay nice, mister,” Daniel said through a grin. “I don’t want to have to deal with complaints in the morning.”
“There won’t be any complaints,” Devyn assured him.
“Defnitlee no complaints,” Brett said, swaying towards Daniel.
“Let’s go, Tiger.” The brothers rolled their eyes at one another then Devyn led Brett through the door and out into the cold night air. “You have the key handy?”
“Back pocket,” Brett mumbled.
“’Kay, not getting fresh here…” Devyn slipped his hand inside Brett’s back pocket, his fingers caressing Brett’s butt as he fished for the keys.
“Feels like you’re gettin’ fresh,” Brett said. “Kinda nice, though.”
“Oh boy. Why’d you have to get so drunk?” Devyn chuckled then looked up at the starlit night. “Look how beautiful all that is up there.”
Brett craned his neck to look up, almost falling on his ass in the process.
Devyn slipped an arm around him. “Come on, we’ll stargaze another night maybe.” He helped Brett up the steps to the cabin door and unlocked it. “Will you be all right?” he asked quietly.
“You’re not coming in?”
Devyn hesitated then nodded. “Just for few minutes, make sure you won’t fall and bump your head or anything bad like that.”
“My hero…”
“Get in,” Devyn growled, pushing Brett ahead of him. He switched on only one of the lights, figuring Brett probably didn’t need blinding at this moment. “You like some coffee, maybe?”
“I’d like a kiss,” Brett blurted. “I think I’m in desperate need of a kiss.”
“What?” Devyn’s smile faded as he stared at the handsome man swaying in front of him.
“Please. Please, just kiss me.”
Devyn stepped forward and cupped Brett’s face between his hands. Their eyes locked as he slowly drew Brett’s face near. Their mouths met, a soft brushing of flesh on flesh cooled by the night air, quick to warm as their lips pressed more firmly together. Devyn closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around Brett’s torso.
Brett’s lips parted slightly, just enough to invite Devyn in, and he slid the tip of his tongue over Brett’s lower lip then pushed gently into the moist warmth of his mouth. A long shuddering sigh escaped Brett, his arms wound around Devyn’s neck, holding him while their tongues danced and tussled and the intensity of their kiss mounted.
Devyn was rock hard inside his jeans and knew he wasn’t mistaken about the erection Brett pressed into his thigh. He moaned, tightening their embrace, deepening the kiss, grinding his crotch into Brett’s. Another shudder coursed through Brett’s body then Devyn heard the unmistakable sound of a sob.
His eyes widened when he leant back and saw the tears running down Brett’s cheeks. “I don’t think I’ve ever had that effect on anyone before,” he murmured.
“I’m sorry…” Brett stepped away from him. “So sorry, Devyn. I shouldn’t have asked you to do that.”
“That’s okay, I didn’t mind. It was very nice really. But why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
“Oh god, no. No one wants to hear that stale story again.”
“I haven’t heard it, so how could it be stale to me? Here, I’ll make us some coffee, put on the fire, and we can talk. Okay?”

Link to story: http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1017

Friday, October 21, 2011

GayRomLit New Orleans 2011

I will take away many memories of the first GayRomLit retreat - a gathering of authors and readers who love the male romance genre. First of all let's just say it was a smashing success - far beyond the expectations of the organizers, Carol Lynne, Ethan Day, Lynn Lorenz and your truly. Held in the historic and beautifully refurbished Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the fabulous French Quarter we enjoyed the sights and sounds of New Orleans right on our doorstep every time we stepped outside for a break from all the great things going on - the first night meet and greet in the ballroom, author signings, readings, wine and cheese party, Hurricane party, group meetings round the pool etc, etc.

Not to mention the Riverboat cruise where authors and readers met and mingled...and the pub crawls where there were some hot men ready to entertain us with eye candy to make even the strongest knees weak! Gosh... it all now seems like some kind of great dream where everything just went so well. We were thrilled that so many people, authors, readers and publishers could come together to make this dream a reality.

Our thanks must go to the publishers who supported this venture not only financially but with their much appreciated presence - MLR Press, Total-e-bound, Resplendence Publishing,Loose ID,Amber Allure,Torquere and Dreamspinner Press. Their generosity was part of what made GayRomLit such a great success, and they all enthusiastically announced they'd be there at the next one!

So hope to see you all again - and many more new faces too - when we meet again at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Oct. 18th, 2012!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slaves to Love - Two - Damian and Demetrios

When Damian, a young artist, is commissioned to sculpt the image of Demetrios, Rome's current darling of the arena, he finds himself falling in love with the handsome gladiator. Despite his father's vow to disown him, Damian follows his heart---and when he and Demetrios are caught in the conflagration that threatens to destroy Rome, their love for one another gives them the strength to survive the flames.But their future together looks uncertain when Damian, rounded up along with Christians accused of setting the fire, is separated from Demetrios and forced into a fight to the death in the arena.

Note: These two stories are soon to be released as one book in print by MLR Press

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slaves to Love - One - Lucius and Callistus

Raised in the city of Capua, renowned for its gladiator training grounds---Lucius, a young patrician, is unprepared for the obsessive desire that almost overwhelms him when he first sees Callistus, a captive Gaul condemned to a life, and probable death, in the arena.
Unsuccessful in his attempt to buy Callistus and save him from a premature death, Lucius instead follows his career, attending all of his bouts in the arena, including one with Spartacus, the rebel slave. Spartacus incites Callistus and his fellow gladiators to rebel and form an unbeatable army, almost bringing the Roman legions to their knees.
Although torn between his love for Callistus and loyalty to his friends and family, Lucius determines that before one, or both of them might die, he must find Callistus, confess his feelings, and spend at least one night in the arms of the man he loves.

This is the prequel to Warrior Prince

From All Male Romance

I blogged at All Male Romance on 9/14/2011

I guess because I’ve been writing m/m romantic fiction for some time now, I get asked by writers new to the genre how I got started, and where I get my ideas from. This article isn’t advice to fledgling writers by any means—just maybe some helpful hints I have accrued over the years.
I started writing in this genre about five years ago. Until then I’d been writing gay romantic fiction without the erotic edge. Yes, my men kissed, caressed and fell in love, but the love making was, in a word, discreet. When I wrote My Vampire and I, I opened the bedroom door and let the guys go for the gold, and after reading the words of one reviewer – “What a delightful surprise from J.P. Bowie” I figured I’d found my niche.
Elisa Rolle, our favorite Italian reviewer, also pointed out that although the story was about creatures of the night, there was a lot of humor in it, and very little angst, something I strive for in all my stories. Even in my darker tales, I have to inject some humor. Readers have to first love, or at least really like, the characters. They must want to cheer for them as the heroes’ mutual attraction grows and their lips meet for that first kiss. The readers must feel fundamentally involved in the men’s lives and want them to succeed. If that doesn’t happen then the writer has failed in some way to convey the hopes and fears of the protagonists, and to make the reader care for them.
Writing m/m erotic romance isn’t just a case of stringing sex scenes together. Quite often, too much sex in a story can get a bit boring after a while. Here’s where the character building comes in. The men should be real flesh and blood characters, not just buffed and gorgeous with big dicks. On the other hand, all that combined with intelligence, compassion, a sense of worth—and please, a sense of humor—will earn you points from most readers!
Then there’s the plot. Even in a short story there should be more than just boy meets boy, boy beds boy, and they live happily ever after. Yes, HEA’s are pretty much called for by most m/m publishers, but getting there should involve some conversation, perhaps some conflict (rather than angst), indecision, maybe even betrayal, something to hold the readers’ interest other than the fact the lads are buffed and gorgeous with big you-know-whats. I like mystery and adventure stories so a lot of my books contain those elements; even my paranormal stories tend to lean toward a mystery to be solved or action sequences. Anything to get the readers’ attention, and not have them skipping pages.
If you’re a new author, or yet to be published, gird your loins for those first reviews. Every author has had a rotten egg thrown at him or her at one time or another. Once your work is out there it’s fair game for everyone who thinks he/she can do better. Some are good and constructive critiques, others are simply destructive. But hey, it goes with the territory, and I, who have had my fair share of rotten eggs, try to learn from even the worst review.
Writing m/m erotic romance is above all else, fun. You get to invent these great characters, have them fall in love, have mind-blowing sex, chase villains on horseback or in cars or planes, have mind-blowing sex, face down bigotry, put the world to rights, have mind-blowing…Well, you get the idea. All you wannabe m/m writers out there – go for it, and have fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Single Release from Saddle Up and Ride!

When Sheriff Joel Harper, ex-wrangler, is falsely accused of assault and battery by a rich rancher’s son, he turns to Royce Chandler and Charles Fletcher for legal advice. What Joel doesn’t expect is to fall immediately in lust with young attorney Jason Sherwood, Royce’s new recruit to his recently opened law office.

Their budding romance is hampered by burglary, hate-filled graffiti, hostile neighbors and co-workers, and by Joel’s own sense of responsibility to his younger brother, Toby. Can their love survive all that’s thrown at them or will Jason decide the ride is just way to rough for him to endure?

Latest in the Portrait Series

A holly jolly Christmas with friends is all artist Peter Brandon and his private investigator partner Jeff Stevens expect when they visit their buddies, Andrew and David, in New York City. All that changes when a party guest ends up murdered and Andrew is considered to be the prime suspect.

The situation worsens when the murdered man's wife accuses Andrew of trying to persuade her husband to have a gay affair with him. It's up to Jeff and a sympathetic NYPD detective, Nick Fallon, to try to clear Andrew's name. They are, at times, aided and then hindered by Peter's erratic psychic abilities-or disabilities, as he calls them- that eventually lead them to a powerful and unexpected showdown when the real killer is exposed.

Along the way, new friendships are made and tested-and one is irrevocably destroyed by lies and denial. This is another fast-paced page turner from J.P. Bowie that will keep you guessing all the way to the end-and perhaps, beyond...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A nice review for A Portrait of Emily

Aunt Lynn at Jessewave Reviews has given A Portrait of Emily a good, insightful review:
Here's a part of it...
I trust Bowie to give us a solidly-written, complex murder mystery, and this story delivered. Even with everything going on, it didn’t feel like it was over-packed with plot: the continued effects of Emily’s molestation on her and those around her; the reveal of Anthony’s childhood; the reappearance of Jeff’s ex, Joey; the murder of both Joey and Emily’s father; and the child prostitution ring. While we know who kills Joey (we are there when it happens), the reveal on the murder of Charles Hastings was unexpected for me, and in the end, it all wrapped up neatly.

Here's the link for the whole review:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New release April 25th!

Alex Brady was looking for some excitement in his life, but nothing could have prepared him for what a trip to Tuscany would bring him—excitement, yes, but with an undercurrent of danger that could possibly end up costing him far more than the price of the vacation.

When Alex tells his best friend Russ of his proposed trip to Tuscany, Russ tries to dissuade him, especially when Alex explains he’ll be renting a car and making his own way around a foreign country. Russ is sure Alex will get lost or mugged.

On his first night in Florence, Alex meets Gavin Andrews, a handsome Scotsman, and looks forward to a more than pleasant start to his ‘trip of a lifetime’.

But Gavin disappears without a word, and though disappointed by the Scot’s apparent lack of interest Alex continues with his tour of Tuscany in his rented car, staying overnight at the Villa Lorenzo, a converted farmhouse run by two gay men, John and Alfredo.

Alex is shown a portrait of Lorenzo, the original owner, and that night Alex has a strangely sensual dream, that comes to an abrupt halt when Lorenzo warns him that Gavin is in danger.

What follows is far more excitement than Alex ever bargained for – a kidnapping, a murder, and ultimately an offer of marriage!

Truly, for Alex this is the trip of a lifetime.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Things are just jumpin' at Total-e-bound, the UK publisher I am happy to say publish many of my books. Now there's a hot video depicting everything that TEB produces - watch it at: http://www.youtube.com/user/totaleboundpub#p/u - and if it doesn't titillate your senses - you might be dead... Check it out and see.

Monday, February 28, 2011

No excuses

Tardiness isn't usually a fault of mine - but got to say it's been an age since I posted here - with so much has been happening to get in the way of keeping my blog up-to-date.
First and foremost, as y'all probably know by now, is the super-duper m/m gathering that Carol Lynne, Ethan Day, Lynn Lorenz, Amanda Young and yours truly are busy organizing for our debut in the Big Easy on Oct 13-16th 2011. We're hoping this will be the first of many - and judging from the response from all of you, looks like that is a certainty!

Next, I've been busy doing my favorite thing - writing. In addition to my January releases Nowhere to Hide, Saddle Up 'N Ride and A Portrait of Phillip, I have completed the sixth and final chapter of My Vampire and I - Blood Lure to be released in March and a fun romp through Italy titled Trip of a Lifetime - release date April - both titles released by Total-e-bound.

Here's the blurb for Blood Lure:

Jared Lantos and Andrew BerĂ©s — two vampires, once lovers, now foes, struggle to find love and forgiveness while battling those who would keep them from ever trusting one another again.

While awaiting to be tried for the murder of a fellow vampire, Jared Lantos meets Joey Ryan, a young mortal, and is immediately drawn to him. Despite his conviction that the life of a loner is what he craves, Jared finds himself falling in love with Joey. The loving bond between Jared and Joey is strengthened when Jared cures Joey’s father of his dementia.

Meanwhile, Andrew discovers that the accusation of murder he’d brought against Jared was false, and seeks forgiveness from his one time lover. While in LA, Andrew chooses Tommy Cordain, a young fireman, to satisfy his need for blood, but against his better judgement, he is unable to forget the attractive young man. When the real murderer targets Andrew for the ‘final death’ by setting fire to the hotel where Andrew is staying, Tommy rescues him, and Andrew is forced to have him remember their shared night of passion.

Believing they know who the real murderer is, Jared and Andrew confront the person, but the truth when revealed, is even more terrible, and could threaten the lives of their friends and lovers.

Sounds good huh?

I'm also really happy about the re-release of A Portrait of Phillip in ebook format. This was my first published novel and has been re-edited and released by MLR Press. "Phillip' is the first in a series that follows the lives and adventures of Peter Brandon, a celebrated artist and his lover Jeff Stevens, a private investigator.
More of those to follow.

So, I haven't really been lazing around - and I'll do my best to keep this blog more up to date than in the past

Cheers, and remember, if you want to meet your favorite authors and mingle with other readers who love m/m romance - come to New Orleans in October and have a 'bon temp' !!