Thursday, December 3, 2015

Murder in the Desert A Nick Fallon Investigation #5

A 'clothing optional' gay resort is threatened by a vandal with perhaps more than just destroying property on his mind.

When Nick Fallon is hired to investigate a series of threatening phone calls and vandalism at a gay resort in Palm Springs, he and his husband, Eric Jamieson, are given first class treatment by the owners... when they first arrive.

Coming face to face with a group of men who all seem to have something to hide, except their dislike for one another, frustrates Nick as he tries to sift through the lies and deception.

A fire, and a seemingly senseless murder, complicates Nick's search for the truth. As he uncovers details of past criminal records and a murky family history that includes arson and violence, his frustration grows.

Which of these men had motive and means to commit murder? The answer is-all of the above.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hopping Mad

On the face of it, especially since Joe Biden and Pres. Obama voiced their support for marriage equality, things have gotten much better for the LGBTQ community. We can now marry in 36 states and if SCOTUS doesn't have a group brain-fart they will rule that all states must recognize marriage equality en masse.

Sounds great huh? But there are still haters out there so feral, and in my opinion unbalanced, that they are determined to undermine this equality by placing the right to discriminate laws within state legislature. Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri and of course Texas all have discriminatory bills on the table as we speak. I guess they didn't learn anything from the uproar in Indiana when they tried the same thing there.

It never ceases to amaze me how the voices of reason can be drowned out by hate filled rhetoric from the extreme right. But not only the extreme right. Jeb Bush, who is mostly described as a moderate has just announced that marriage equality is not a constitutional right, and that it's 'absolutely' okay for so called Christian vendors to turn away same sex couples. Bush also feels that not only gays and lesbians shouldn’t be legally married, but that same-sex couples can’t be loving or provide a good household to children. This from a possible contender for the President of the United States?

I could go on about these horrendously unjust statements made by anti-gay individuals and groups, but fortunately there is a brighter side. Art Smith, self named The Queerest Chef in America will oversee 101 gay weddings in Atlanta, and it is heart warming to see how many important corporations (even Walmart) who threaten to withdraw their companies from states that discriminate.And of course it is wonderful to have the support from all our readers of m/m romance.

There is a wonderful website that can keep you up to date with equality news on a daily basis:

For more authors against Homophobia go here:

Thanks for joining Hop Against Homophobia - leave a comment and I'll draw a couple of names for any ebook of your choice that I have written.

Cheers, JP Bowie

Saturday, March 7, 2015

All I’ll Ever Need - A love story

All Edward Conway needs is someone to love, and in sexy Puerto Rican Alex Martinez, he may have found that someone—until a wild party threatens to take everything from him.

When Edward Conway came out to his family he never imagined their reaction would be to shut him out of their lives. Searching for acceptance he leaves his hometown hoping to find a new life in Los Angeles. Finally daring to enter a gay bar by himself, he meets Alex Martinez, a celebrities publicity agent, and the two men connect on all kinds of levels. Despite the pressure of Alex’s job, which takes him out of town soon after he and Edward connect, Edward feels he may just have met the man who can give him something to live for.
Things look good until Edward’s wild roommate Troy, needs a lift to a party where ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’ are the order of the day. Reluctantly Edward agrees to drive Troy to the party, but before he can leave he becomes the victim of a vicious incident that could shatter the hopes he had for the future.
Alex is there to lend support but he is haunted by a tragic past, and in the present is torn between an old loyalty and the wish to make Edward a lasting part of his life.