Monday, February 28, 2011

No excuses

Tardiness isn't usually a fault of mine - but got to say it's been an age since I posted here - with so much has been happening to get in the way of keeping my blog up-to-date.
First and foremost, as y'all probably know by now, is the super-duper m/m gathering that Carol Lynne, Ethan Day, Lynn Lorenz, Amanda Young and yours truly are busy organizing for our debut in the Big Easy on Oct 13-16th 2011. We're hoping this will be the first of many - and judging from the response from all of you, looks like that is a certainty!

Next, I've been busy doing my favorite thing - writing. In addition to my January releases Nowhere to Hide, Saddle Up 'N Ride and A Portrait of Phillip, I have completed the sixth and final chapter of My Vampire and I - Blood Lure to be released in March and a fun romp through Italy titled Trip of a Lifetime - release date April - both titles released by Total-e-bound.

Here's the blurb for Blood Lure:

Jared Lantos and Andrew BerĂ©s — two vampires, once lovers, now foes, struggle to find love and forgiveness while battling those who would keep them from ever trusting one another again.

While awaiting to be tried for the murder of a fellow vampire, Jared Lantos meets Joey Ryan, a young mortal, and is immediately drawn to him. Despite his conviction that the life of a loner is what he craves, Jared finds himself falling in love with Joey. The loving bond between Jared and Joey is strengthened when Jared cures Joey’s father of his dementia.

Meanwhile, Andrew discovers that the accusation of murder he’d brought against Jared was false, and seeks forgiveness from his one time lover. While in LA, Andrew chooses Tommy Cordain, a young fireman, to satisfy his need for blood, but against his better judgement, he is unable to forget the attractive young man. When the real murderer targets Andrew for the ‘final death’ by setting fire to the hotel where Andrew is staying, Tommy rescues him, and Andrew is forced to have him remember their shared night of passion.

Believing they know who the real murderer is, Jared and Andrew confront the person, but the truth when revealed, is even more terrible, and could threaten the lives of their friends and lovers.

Sounds good huh?

I'm also really happy about the re-release of A Portrait of Phillip in ebook format. This was my first published novel and has been re-edited and released by MLR Press. "Phillip' is the first in a series that follows the lives and adventures of Peter Brandon, a celebrated artist and his lover Jeff Stevens, a private investigator.
More of those to follow.

So, I haven't really been lazing around - and I'll do my best to keep this blog more up to date than in the past

Cheers, and remember, if you want to meet your favorite authors and mingle with other readers who love m/m romance - come to New Orleans in October and have a 'bon temp' !!