Sunday, September 22, 2013

Journey to Hope

Brett Langley’s friends are worried that he’s made a big, big mistake in hiring a new man to help run Hope Ranch. Joel Harper, the local sheriff, is especially concerned as he’s been notified by the authorities that the man has only recently been released from Wyoming State Penitentiary.

Josh Kenyon has spent eight years behind bars for a crime he says he didn’t commit, and that he was framed for. Brett believes him, and when the feelings they have for one another become much more than mere attraction, he is determined to find someone who can prove Josh’s innocence.

But his good intentions cause unforeseen chaos when a man from Josh’s past arrives with only one thing in mind—silencing Josh forever.

Reader’s Advisory: This story contains some of the characters from the Ride ’Em Cowboy series, however it stands alone.


“You’re upset about something,” Josh murmured, standing so close, his breath warmed Brett’s cheek. “Are you having second thoughts about hiring me, what with this parole stuff and the Sheriff?”
“No.” He turned to face Josh and their eyes met, their mouths now only inches apart. “I’m very glad you’re here.”
“Good.” Josh slid one hand behind Brett’s neck and squeezed gently. Brett leant forward and brushed his lips over Josh’s who reacted by drawing in a quick breath. Was he startled by the kiss? Wasn’t it what he wanted as much as Brett did?
“I—I’m sorry,” Brett whispered. “I thought…”
“You thought right,” Josh murmured. “It’s just that I haven’t been kissed by another guy in so long I’d forgotten just how great it feels.”
Brett smiled and wrapped his arms around Josh’s neck. “It can feel even better.” He moved in, taking Josh’s lips more firmly this time, running his tongue into the crease between the warm, soft flesh, pushing lightly for entrance. They both gasped as their tongues slid over one another, the slick heat of Josh’s mouth sending ripples of desire zipping through Brett’s body. There was only one way for this to go, and it would have right then if Jaz hadn’t chosen that moment to get in the mix.
The dog’s two front paws collided with Josh’s crotch as he jumped into the narrow space between their bodies.
“Ow, son of a b—!”
Jaz added insult to injury by pawing at Josh’s obvious bulge as if delighted to feel something that big and hard to play with.
“Ow!” Josh yelled again, while Brett tried to pull Jaz away, laughing at the top of his voice.
“Oh, my God, Jaz—you bad boy!”
“Think it’s funny huh?” Josh growled, nursing his erection. “How to kill the moment, Jaz!” He started to laugh too then he grabbed Brett and hauled him back into his arms. “Show me how that kiss goes again,” he muttered. “Felt so damned good.”
“Yes, it did.” Ignoring Jaz’s indignant barks at being shooed away, he took Josh’s mouth again in a long, searingly passionate kiss.
“Oh, dear God,” Josh gasped when they came up for air. His vision was slightly blurred until he refocused on Brett. “Is this a good idea?”
“Probably not,” Brett replied, his lips touching Josh’s as he spoke softly. “I’ve only known you a day and a half. We’re gonna be working together twenty four seven. You have a criminal record. You could murder me in my bed—and yet I can’t find anything wrong with this.”
“I promise I won’t murder you in your bed,” Josh said.
“What I want you to do in my bed is to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk without the feel of you, hard and deep inside me.”
“Just let me get Jaz outside. I love my dog but I don’t want him being part of a three-way.”