Saturday, January 19, 2013

Immortal Love Collection - Night Wing

Total-e-bound Publishing has put together a collection for your enjoyment - Immortal Love.
I'm in good company here with Erin Lark, Wendi Zwaduk, and Victoria Blisse. Each story deals with vampire love and the possibility of spending an eternity with your lover, regardless of the danger that surrounds you. My contribution is Night Wing....

Rob Greely is on the run from a cruel master - Rafe Gunderson, the owner of the House of Pleasure where those who wish to act out their Dom/sub fantasies go. Trapped in a blind alley, Rob is about to give up hope when a mysterious mist arises, guiding him into the arms of Gareth Falconer who promises Rob he is safe from his pursuers and from all possible harm. But when Gareth discloses he is a vampire, is Rob any safer than he was before?

Click on the cover to find out how you can get an early copy of Night Wing and the other amazing stories in this collection.