Friday, September 25, 2009

Something New

Something new coming your way from yours truly - audio books. Yes, now you'll be able to hear my dulcet tones as I narrate some spicy stories from Total-e-bound. First up will be Fabulous Brits with novellas from yours truly, Carol Lynne, Jade Buchanan and three more top notch authors! Can you stand it?
Release date is sometime in October -so watch this space for more exciting news about audio books!

More exciting news! Book Four of My Vampire and I will be released Dec. 24th. Bound in Blood follows the adventures of Marcus Verano and his love Roger as they meet up with vampire Carlos Galeano whose love affair with mortal Chris Jeffries is in danger of coming to an abrupt end when a vampire hunter intends cutting off Carlos' head!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Vampire and I Book 4 - Blood Resurrection

A centuries old demon using the power of the black arts holds the fate of the world in his hand – and only vampires can stop him!

When Bernard Fournier first meets Marcus Verano he has no inkling that the tall and handsome man is in fact a vampire. For eighteen years Bernard has lived a life of degradation in a monastery – abused and humiliated by those who should have sheltered and cared for him. When Marcus offers Bernard the chance of freedom he willingly accepts it, leaving the monastery without regret or a backward glance.

A victim of a plague that sweeps Europe in the 15th century, Bernard has only one chance of survival – and once more he accepts what only Marcus can offer – immortality. Time and distance eventually separate Marcus and Bernard as they make their way through the centuries. Bernard finds happiness in the arms of Pietro Dante, an academician employed in the Vatican library. All is well until the day when a demon force is unleashed upon the world in the guise of a new Pope.

Only Bernard and Pietro know of the demon's plans, and they find a strange ally in Constantine, the demon's son, who wishes to protect his mortal lover, Gustav. But the demon Pope is willing to sacrifice everything, including his son, for his ambitions. Even the threat of opposition from the Vampire Council headed by Marcus and his friend Joseph Meyer will not halt him in his plan to rule the world – and destroy all vampires in the process.

Can Bernard and his friends overcome the demonic plans to bring about the 'end of times', or will the forces of evil triumph over love and loyalty?