Monday, December 21, 2009

New releases

Today is a good day! Bound in Blood, my latest vampire novel in the My Vampire and I series is out today! Click on the cover for the lowdown on this latest hotter than hot vampire-fest!

Also out is the third book in the Nick Fallon Investigation series -- Murder above Fourth. Set in Laguna Beach and San Diego in Southern California, this thrill-ride portrays Nick at his most reckless -- and at his most tender. Nick's the man!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interview with Jessewave

Had a sweet interview with Jessewave today - you can read it at this link:
Just remember to keep your eyes focused on the interview and not get distracted by all the eye candy to the right!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is long overdue - but October was such a crazy month for me that time for blogging about what was going on was nigh impossible. Anyhoo, back it is I am, and still reeling from my visit to the Big Apple - first time in so many years I was just knocked out at how great the city looked. Saw 2 great musicals -South Pacific and Finian's Rainbow. The casts in both these shows were outstanding but for sheer eye candy you can't beat Cheyenne Jackson - what a hunk - and the guy can sing!

Really wanted to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain, but as you can imagine, with those two boys in it, the show was a sell out before it opened. Darn!

Writing news is I have a new Nick Fallon Investigation coming soon - Murder Above Fourth is the third book in the series, and once again Nick proves more than a match for the evil that men do. He's on shaky ground with Eric, his lover, a couple of times, but that man just oozes charm - just as well, 'cause Eric is really mad this time!

Bound in Blood, the latest book in the Vampire and I series will be released Dec. 24th - the perfect Christmas stocking filler!

Also coming up a sequel to Ride 'Em Cowboy - release date February 2010. The title is easy to remember - Ride 'Em Again Cowboy.

In between times I try to catch up with my favorite authors, Carol Lynne, Claire Thompson, Brynn Paulin etc. etc... too long a list to publish here. So many books, so little spare time!

That's it for now - Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Something New

Something new coming your way from yours truly - audio books. Yes, now you'll be able to hear my dulcet tones as I narrate some spicy stories from Total-e-bound. First up will be Fabulous Brits with novellas from yours truly, Carol Lynne, Jade Buchanan and three more top notch authors! Can you stand it?
Release date is sometime in October -so watch this space for more exciting news about audio books!

More exciting news! Book Four of My Vampire and I will be released Dec. 24th. Bound in Blood follows the adventures of Marcus Verano and his love Roger as they meet up with vampire Carlos Galeano whose love affair with mortal Chris Jeffries is in danger of coming to an abrupt end when a vampire hunter intends cutting off Carlos' head!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Vampire and I Book 4 - Blood Resurrection

A centuries old demon using the power of the black arts holds the fate of the world in his hand – and only vampires can stop him!

When Bernard Fournier first meets Marcus Verano he has no inkling that the tall and handsome man is in fact a vampire. For eighteen years Bernard has lived a life of degradation in a monastery – abused and humiliated by those who should have sheltered and cared for him. When Marcus offers Bernard the chance of freedom he willingly accepts it, leaving the monastery without regret or a backward glance.

A victim of a plague that sweeps Europe in the 15th century, Bernard has only one chance of survival – and once more he accepts what only Marcus can offer – immortality. Time and distance eventually separate Marcus and Bernard as they make their way through the centuries. Bernard finds happiness in the arms of Pietro Dante, an academician employed in the Vatican library. All is well until the day when a demon force is unleashed upon the world in the guise of a new Pope.

Only Bernard and Pietro know of the demon's plans, and they find a strange ally in Constantine, the demon's son, who wishes to protect his mortal lover, Gustav. But the demon Pope is willing to sacrifice everything, including his son, for his ambitions. Even the threat of opposition from the Vampire Council headed by Marcus and his friend Joseph Meyer will not halt him in his plan to rule the world – and destroy all vampires in the process.

Can Bernard and his friends overcome the demonic plans to bring about the 'end of times', or will the forces of evil triumph over love and loyalty?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Theresa has done a wonderful trailer for the "My Vampire and I" series - just click on the cover to see what I mean. Anyone interested in having their book sales enhanced contact Theresa at or
Thanks, Theresa!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Review of Wicked Hearts by Claire Thompson

Reese Armstrong and Hank Seeley have been friends and occasional sex partners since high school. Hank is immensely rich and likes to play games - games that generally involve Reese's ability to seduce just about anyone, then have the seduction video taped for Hank's voyeuristic enjoyment. The story is written along the lines of Dangerous Liaisons - two cold-hearted, spoiled jerks out to ruin the life of an innocent. The innocent in question is Jeff Hartman, the office geek, who is already in awe of Reese, and whom Reese thinks will be an easy conquest - and lay.

Jeff, however, is not stupid, and at first is not completely taken in by Reese's flattery, invitations to dinner and affectionate moves. Gradually, of course, he succumbs, not so much to Reese's good looks and charm, but to what he begins to see underneath the glamorous facade - a hurt and troubled man who gave up on love a long time ago.

When Reese finds himself falling in love with Jeff, and admits as much to Hank, his one time friend becomes his nemesis, bound and determined to destroy any chance Reese and Jeff may have for happiness. Pitting one man against the other by revealing the video tape to Jeff, Hank exults, convinced that now Reese will be his playmate again, and forget about love and similar nonsense.

The story has been told before in various forms, so it is a measure of Ms. Thompson's skill as a writer that one remains totally wrapped up in the plot as it unwinds to its inevitable conclusion. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MLR Press has released Sometimes Life's a Drag as a single title ebook. It is part of the 3-story cross-dressing anthology Bravo!Brava! available both in print and ebook format. Click the cover for the buy link.
Peter Farland is over the moon when he lands a solo singing spot in Kenny LaFontaine's new revue at the famous drag star's theatre club. Along with his best friends, Lawrence and Maggie, he looks forward to a long and successful run in the West End of London, When he meets, and is instantly attracted to Ian Bannister, a handsome police detective, Peter feels as though everything in his life is suddenly coming up roses.
Ian is investigating an alleged blackmail threat against Kenny, and when the blackmailer is murdered, the drag star becomes the prime suspect. Despite Kenny's jealous and vicious attempts to keep Peter and Ian apart, Peter feels obliged to help clear Kenny's name, even if it means putting his own life in danger. Sometimes Life's A Drag is a fascinating glimpse backstage at the drama behind the glitter, and the suddenness with which celebrity status can be diminished by scandal and innuendo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Duet in Blood

Book Two of My Vampire and I series is now available in print. Here's a short synopsis to whet your appetite for some more blooood...

Micah Fitzgerald, still hurting from a recent breakup, finds himself intrigued, and then captivated by Joseph Meyer, a handsome and sophisticated stranger he meets in a west Hollywood bar. Very quickly, Micah finds himself falling in love with Joseph and, through him, is drawn into a world of elegant and fascinating people.
When Joseph disappears on a supposed business trip, Micah is frustrated by the man's close friends who seem unwilling to give him any information or allow him to help in the search. When he challenges Marcus Verano, Joseph's closest friend, and accuses him of hiding the truth, Micah discovers a great deal more than he ever bargained for.
Taken hostage by Joseph's long-time enemies, Micah is presented with two choices. Either join the forces of evil, or allow his lover to induct him into the seductive dark world of the vampires. Even after he makes his choice, Micah finds that danger and treachery threaten him, and the man he now loves unconditionally.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another great review

I'm very lucky to have received two great reviews for my latest novel Time after Time. This just in from Marame at Rainbow Reviews:

This romantic thriller by J.P. Bowie's is a haunting page-turner. "Time After Time" is a cross between "Colombo" and "Howard's End," and has some great, classic elements: a romantic mystery involving star-crossed lovers and a beautiful estate with an ancient history. I was hooked into the story from page one and couldn't put it down. From the very beginning, you are as much in the dark as the main character, Michael Ballantyne. You experience the same excitement of discovery when he learns of his inheritance, when he sees the majestic Bedford Park for the first time, and when he meets the enigmatic Jonathan Robertson.
Read the entire review at

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, after a few setbacks, and some grim words from tight lips, I finally managed to get the banner at the bottom of the page to link directly to my website - hooray! A sense of well-being and self- gratification has settled over me - or could that be the effect of the Dewar's on the rocks my honey just brought me? Whatever, I can now relax until I have to dream up something interesting to say - but tomorrow is another day, right Miss Ohara?

Friday, July 31, 2009

This just in from Literary Nymphs Reviews for Time after Time: 5 Nymphs -yeah!

Time After Time is a captivating mystery and a beautiful love story. The well-written intricate plot builds from the beginning to the breathtaking conclusion. I was held spellbound as each layer of the intriguing puzzle unfolds. Michael and Jonathan are realistic characters with natural curiosity and loveable personalities, the secondary characters along with the tidbits of history and a little humor added just enough backdrops for attention-grabbing visualization. J.P. Bowie has created a fascinating who-done-it storyline that I enjoyed immensely.
Just a few words about my latest books: Time after Time, published by MLR Press is part mystery, part paranormal - and all gay romance!

Time After Time: Available now at

Bewildered by a series of erotic dreams, Michael Ballantyne, a young graphic artist living in Los Angeles is eager to uncover their meaning. When he is informed that he is the sole beneficiary in an unknown man's will and is now the owner of a large estate in Hertfordshire, England, Michael feels that somehow he has been given a key to unlock the dreams' mysteries. This feeling grows stronger when he comes face to face with Jonathan Robertson, a handsome Englishman, who more than just resembles the man in his dreams.

Together they attempt to solve the mystery that surrounds the disappearance and apparent murder of Jonathan Harcourt, the son of the previous owner of Bedford Park.

The mutual attraction they quickly feel for one another is hampered by the sudden arrival of Michael's jealous boyfriend, Steve Miller, and by Jack Trenton, a formidable and uninvited presence who has occupied the lodge by the estate gates.

When Michael, along with his now ex-boyfriend, Steve, is held hostage by Trenton, it becomes clear that Bedford Park holds many more secrets than anyone ever thought. Michael and Jonathan are soon to discover that the keepers of those secrets are dangerous men, willing to stop at nothing in order to make an ancient oath come to pass.

Friction Anthology - due out August 17th and available at

Cruising by J.P. Bowie

Adam Brenner is looking for a life change when a long-time friend and associate, Tom Hathaway, offers him a position as casino manager aboard The Maid of the Seas, a luxury cruise ship out of Port Canaveral, Florida.

Trying to leave behind haunting memories of an alcoholic boyfriend on a path to destruction, Adam succumbs to the Latin charm of Vittorio Borghese, the ship's architect. After a night of hot sex, Adam thinks he might have found the one to help him forget the misery of the past, but Adam soon discovers that life on board a floating resort has its drawbacks to go hand-in-hand with the perks.

Dismayed by the hostility shown toward him by the ship's captain, and Vittorio's seeming indifference, Adam finds comfort in the company of Brett Jarvis, a talented singer/guitarist who plays nightly in the ship's lounge bar. The two men quickly form a warm and loving relationship, and Adam starts to look forward to 'a life on the ocean wave', thinking that it will now all be plain sailing. However, he soon discovers that out on the vast regions of the Atlantic, sudden squalls, both natural and man-made, happen all too frequently – and some people are definitely not the great guys they appear to be.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

For those of you who may not know who the heck I am, my monicker is J.P. Bowie and I write gay erotic fiction, commonly known as m/m. You may sometimes see those initials on a man's shirt or sweater label, but then it means medium, not man on man,

Last weekend I spent time in Kansas City with Carol Lynne - don't think I need introduce her - she's a famous writer of m/m fiction! She was hosting an author/reader get together, and I must say, it was a blast. it was so great to get to meet people who previously had just been email addresses, and the occasional tiny photo. Carol did a great job, keeping us fed and entertained. We even went to see a movie where we sat in recliners, and were waited on by some very friendly and perky waiters while we watched The Proposal. The movie was okay, the food great and the service impeccable. I never want to see another movie without this kind of pampering!

In case you're interested I have quite the list of books published by total-e-bound - a publishing company based in the UK, and by MLR Press under the auspices of Laura Baumbach, herself a great writer of m/m fiction. You can see all my books listed at my website