Friday, November 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow!

Hard to believe isn't it that next month the Yuletide will be upon us. I was lucky in that total-e-bound accepted my Christmas story - A Special Christmas - as part of their "Yule Be Mine" collection. It's due out on Dec 13th in ebook, and you have to love that cover! TEB's art department always does such a great job.

The story is pure romance - a love-lorn guy, a log cabin, a roaring fire, now all he needs is another guy to go with it all. Well, it's Christmas when wishes come true, and Santa isn't going to let our hero down. So, don't forget, this Christmas, or Hanukkah, upload A Special Christmas onto your Kindle or Nook or Sony reader or iPod - we've got 'em all covered - and enjoy!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!