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New give away

Friday 4th April is the official launch date for my latest release Paris Connection. I'm giving away 2 copies - so please leave a comment below, include your email addy, and I'll choose two names using random.org.

Paris Connection: A young American falls in love with Paris, and a stunning Frenchman, but murder and mayhem, let alone distance, might ruin his chance of lasting happiness.
After seeing the movie Midnight in Paris, Jay Harrison becomes obsessed with the idea of a vacation in the City of Light. Jay has always been a bit of a dreamer and while he doesn’t think he will actually have the same bizarre experiences the main character in the movie had, he is certain that Paris holds something very special for him.
Jay is a shy man and a bit of a lightweight in the sexual experience arena, so he’s nervously surprised when Anton Delcour, a handsome Frenchman, introduces himself at the Café Les Deux Magots on his first day in Paris. He’s even more surprised by his own eagerness to know more about Anton—a lot more. When Anton offers to give him a personal tour of Notre Dame Cathedral, he jumps at the chance to perhaps get better acquainted with Anton.
The two men bond quickly through their mutual attraction, and Jay’s visit to Paris takes on a new dimension when he’s in Anton’s company. But when a case of blackmail and murder threatens to get in the way of his budding summer romance, Jay begins to think that the movie he loved might just pale in comparison to what is actually going on around him.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Love Paris!

Boy, but I've been lazy with this blog site - but other needs and thingies you know tend to get in the way sometimes. Anyway, got a giveaway going here - Paris Connection - my latest release through Totally Bound is a hot tale of a young American on vacation in gay Paree. Of course he meets a sexy Frenchman who gives him a guided personal tour of Paris, and later of himself. Tres jolie, no?
So here's the deal, just comment below, include your email addy, state your preference for pdf or epub format and I'll have random.org choose two lucky recipients of Paris Connection. Here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite, in case you need it!

Jay has arrived in Paris but missed the first tour of the day so he decides to take a stroll to the famous Cafe Les Deux Magots...

It was a beautiful afternoon, a warm breeze touching his face and bare arms as he made the easy stroll to the café. Because it was famous, it was busy, but a handsome waiter showed him to a table near the sidewalk. Trying out his conversational French had the waiter smiling patiently while he ordered coffee and a salad.
Feeling more adventurous than usual, Jay eyed the waiter’s bottom as he walked away—nice. Jay wasn’t one for ogling attractive men, even when Blake would point out he was being cruised by some hottie or other. Clueless was how Blake had described him more than once. Maybe he was, and maybe it was just his imagination, but there was definitely something quite sensual in the atmosphere around him. 
He swept his gaze round the other tables—couples in deep conversation, people reading books or newspapers. Others, like the man sitting two tables from him, simply enjoying their coffee. Except this man was staring directly at Jay, an amused smile on his lips.
Shit, he must have seen my less-than-subtle leering at the waiter’s ass. His face warm with a sudden embarrassment, he looked away quickly, pretending to be fascinated by the laminated travel guide he now clutched with nervous intensity.
Oh my God, he’s coming over!
Jay fought the knee-jerk reflex that almost had him on his feet, ready to leave. He’d be completely tongue-tied if the guy wanted to get into a getting-to-know-you kind of conversation. The times Blake had yelled at him for being stricken into silence when some cutie tried to engage him in any kind of harmless flirtation. I’m just no good at this—and besides, apparently, my French leaves a lot to be desired. So much for that instructional CD…
A shadow fell across the travel guide he was holding in a now decidedly shaky hand. Swallowing hard, he forced himself to look up at the man who stood by his table, a coffee cup in his left hand.
Puis-je vous joindre?”
“Huh? Oh, s-sorry…I…uh, je ne parle pas…uh…” However much of the language he figured he’d assimilated flew straight out the windows of his mind.
“Ah, you are English.” The Frenchman smiled. “My apologies. May I join you?”
Jesus, but he’s hot.
Jay gazed, slightly open-mouthed, at the stranger’s face, taking in every detail of the lightly tanned skin, the dark brown eyes under feathered eyebrows, the generous mouth and the white even teeth his smile revealed.
“Of-of course.” Jay half rose and extended his hand. “Jay Harrison,” he said. “I-I’m American actually. I just got here and I’m afraid my French isn’t very good. Sorry.”
“Then I’m glad my English is passable.”
“M-much more than passable.”
Not only much more than passable but sexy as hell. What is it about the French accent that makes it sound like it’s coming from the pillow next to your head?
His grip was warm and firm and sent a sensual tingle up Jay’s arm. “Anton Delcour.” He held onto Jay’s hand as he slid into the seat opposite him and set his coffee cup down. The tingling grew stronger, making its way into Jay’s groin. “I spent some time in London,” Anton said, and Jay suppressed the need to whimper, focusing instead on what the man was actually saying. “Most people there don’t speak French so I was forced to expand my schoolboy English.”
Oh yeah, he’s explaining his ‘more than passable English’. 
“You are on vacation, yes?”
Jay shifted in his seat to ease the discomfort of his growing erection. “Yes.”
“Your first time in Paris?”
“Yes, and I missed this morning’s tour of Notre Dame. My plane got in late and I slept right through until noon, so I have some catching up to do. I guess I could call the tour company and find out if they have another visit to the cathedral I can schedule. They might be used to people like me sleeping in and…uh… ”
Shit, you’re rambling. Let him do the talking.
“Notre Dame should not be missed,” Anton murmured, finally releasing Jay’s hand and sitting back in his seat, his smile still in place. “Perhaps, if you wish, I could take you there.”
“You’re a guide?”
“No, I am a private detective.”
“Huh?” Of all the things Anton could have said at that moment, this was the least likely. Anton was so far removed from Jay’s perception of a private detective that for a moment he thought the man was joking. But he’s not. That steady, keen look in the Frenchman’s eyes didn’t waver, and Jay knew his surprise was evident from the way Anton’s smile grew. “But…”
Anton laughed. “I know, you’re wondering where is the unfashionable raincoat and somewhat soiled beret? Sorry, but I feel that my clients are more relaxed when they see me like this—just a plain shirt and jeans. No seediness, no need for them to be wary of me.”
Not to mention you are one handsome dude with a sexy voice.
The plain shirt, a light khaki in color, was open at the neck, giving Jay a glimpse of dark brown hair. The tingle in his groin increased and his cock hardened even more inside his briefs.
Get a fucking grip 
“Uh, wow, that’s great.” Jay hadn’t realized he was sitting on the edge of his seat, something he had to rectify when a cup of coffee was suddenly thrust in front of his chest. “Oh, sorry.” He sat back and gave the waiter a look of apology.
The young man’s friendly smile of earlier now seemed a bit forced as he glanced from Jay to Anton and back. “I ’ave included some warm bread with your salade, even though you deed not order it. I ’ope you enjoy.” He glanced down at Jay’s crotch, raised an eyebrow, then swept away from the table, his hips decidedly stiffer than before.
“Oops,” Jay muttered, trying not to giggle.
“I’m afraid my joining you has upset Pierre.”
“You know him?”
Only by my frequenting the café and watching him flirt with the customers, both male and female. In reality, it is a tourist trap, but there are many interesting things that go on here. And because it is a popular meeting place, I have had more than one occasion to follow a suspect here.”
Suspect… “Is what you do dangerous?” Jay asked.
Anton shrugged. “Mostly not. Jealous husbands and wives and lovers needing proof of their infidelity. Something that used to be accepted here in France, but recently, minds have changed somewhat. Then there is insurance fraud, that kind of thing. It can be dull, repetitive, then there are times when—but we won’t dwell on that. It is much too nice a day, yes? And I think our meeting should be seen as a happy sign.”
He grimaced as the beep of a cell phone sounded from the vicinity of his jeans. “I’m afraid I must get this,” he said after glancing at the caller ID screen. “Have your salad. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
He got up from the table and walked quickly away, giving Jay an opportunity to admire the Frenchman’s trim hips and round butt nicely showcased in his pale blue jeans. He looked away guiltily when he caught Pierre staring at him through narrowed eyes.
Can’t I at least take a peek?

So there you go - it only gets even better from that moment on.
Leave a comment and good luck! Cheers, JP