Saturday, May 18, 2013

Change is in the air?

Sometimes I feel really good about the advances made against homophobia - how so many well known people are much more willing to be honest about the sexuality - Neil Patrick Harris, Dom Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow for example - Marie Osmond and even some Republican senators acknowledging their gay children and supporting them.

Then I read an article which appeared in the latest edition of The Advocate, and as much as I/we would like to think our culture is a more accepting one, some kids, like the one featured in the article are still being victimized, not only by her classmates but by the very people who should be protecting her - the teachers and superintendents at the junior high school in Mississippi. After her parents reported their daughter's physical abuse they were allegedly told by the principal "If she wants to dress like a boy, she's going to be treated like a boy"! The school now faces the possibility of a lawsuit for failing to provide the minimum provisions for student safety set by the US Dept. of Education.

Sadly, this, of course, is not an isolated case. It is a fact that physical abuse increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school, declines in high school - but verbal abuse remains constant. So my euphoria of seeing Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family 'tying the knot' with his fiance Justin Mikita appeared to be fleeting. Nevertheless, as Dan Savage says in his video of encouragement to young gays "It Gets Better", it actually does and I haven't entirely given up hope that one day all of this will be completely uncontroversial - after all we now have gay central characters on TV shows - and they don't have to die in the end!

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