Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia

Hi everyone, and thanks for following the blogs “Hop against Homophobia”.
First, I would personally like to thank Goodreads, Erica Pike and Karen Klein and everyone else who took the time to organize this ‘hop’ and give it the attention it deserves.

I’d like to offer a couple of prizes for those of you reading this blog. Leave a comment or just your name and email address and I will use to pull the names of two readers who can have their pick of any one ebook from my website—
I will contact and congratulate the winners personally.

Homophobia is ugly. Even the word has a nasty sound to it and immediately brings to my mind a nightmarish vision of Fred Phelps and his rabid family who make up the congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church and their God Hates Faggots ministry - nice huh?

Not content with spewing their ignorance at gays, they now picket funerals of our war heroes. And of course, the word, ignorance, is the key. The phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ could never be used to describe those people.

Ignorance is the main source of hatred and bullying. Some teachers are fighting hard to stop the bullying that is so prevalent in our schools, but unfortunately there are too many school boards willing to turn a blind eye to what has become a national tragedy. My admiration is unbounded for the likes of Dan Savage who co-founded the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign— — and the hundreds of teens who form gay/straight alliances, sometimes in the face of vicious opposition.

I’ve been fortunate in my lifetime. I wasn’t victimized, kicked out of my family home or vilified by 'friends' when I came out. Actually, being in show biz, I was never really in. My gayness was just an accepted part of my life, and my friends’ lives.

Yet, I can sympathize and agonize when I read or hear of those men and women forced to endure loneliness and sometimes humiliation because of their sexuality. One can only hope that someday, with forward thinking people like all of you, homophobia will be a thing of the past, that bigotry and discrimination will be viewed by the majority for what it is—ignorance—and that Equality will be the law of the land.

Thank you. J.P. Bowie

Friday, May 4, 2012

Re-release of a Favorite

Hi everyone,I'm excited about the re-release of A Self Portrait, the fourth book in the series. These were the first books I wrote that actually got published so they have always had a special place in my heart. Although A Portrait of Phillip was the first in the series, A Self Portrait can be read as a stand alone, and also as a bit of a teaser for you to read the others - and ultimately all my books! LOL

When you're asked by the editor to write a sentence or blurb to tell the story in 50 words or less, for some reason that becomes a harder task that writing the whole damned book!I think I managed okay on this one though:Here's the one sentence I came up with:A Self-Portrait is an enthralling mix of romance and suspense, of enduring love and friendship, even after death, and the human spirit's indomitable will to survive.And then there's the blurb:Living with a private investigator can bring an element of danger into a guy's life. When his partner Jeff Stevens disappears on a routine trip to meet a friend in LA, Peter Brandon's psychic intuition alerts him to the fact that Jeff is somehow being held against his will.

Determined to find him, Peter reaches out for help to his deceased lover, Phillip, through the unbreakable psychic bond that still exists between them.Traumatized into unconsciousness, he dreams and remembers the life-defining relationship he had with Phillip and the subsequent events that took him almost to the point of death-and back. On waking, and with the certain knowledge that Phillip will aid him in his search, he and his close friends Andrew and David, set out to find Jeff.

They enlist the help of Nick Fallon, a NYPD detective, who flies in to help them and together they face a cult of Satanists led by Paul Lefevre, a mad illusionist promising his followers eternal life. Lefevre attempts to take control of Peter's bond with Phillip by holding Peter's mother hostage-a mistake that will cost Lefevre dearly as Phillip exacts a terrible revenge.


I'm giving away 2 copies of A Self Portrait. If you would like to enter just leave your email address on the comment box and I will have another author pick 2 names at random then I'll send the winners an ebook in any format they wish.Good luck, and as always, Happy Reading. Cheers, JP