Sunday, November 13, 2011

Victoria's Sunday Snog

An excerpt from my Christmas story - A Special Christmas:

“You leaving?” Daniel stared at them.
“I’m drunk,” Brett said, “and this nice man is gonna walk me home.”
“Make sure you stay nice, mister,” Daniel said through a grin. “I don’t want to have to deal with complaints in the morning.”
“There won’t be any complaints,” Devyn assured him.
“Defnitlee no complaints,” Brett said, swaying towards Daniel.
“Let’s go, Tiger.” The brothers rolled their eyes at one another then Devyn led Brett through the door and out into the cold night air. “You have the key handy?”
“Back pocket,” Brett mumbled.
“’Kay, not getting fresh here…” Devyn slipped his hand inside Brett’s back pocket, his fingers caressing Brett’s butt as he fished for the keys.
“Feels like you’re gettin’ fresh,” Brett said. “Kinda nice, though.”
“Oh boy. Why’d you have to get so drunk?” Devyn chuckled then looked up at the starlit night. “Look how beautiful all that is up there.”
Brett craned his neck to look up, almost falling on his ass in the process.
Devyn slipped an arm around him. “Come on, we’ll stargaze another night maybe.” He helped Brett up the steps to the cabin door and unlocked it. “Will you be all right?” he asked quietly.
“You’re not coming in?”
Devyn hesitated then nodded. “Just for few minutes, make sure you won’t fall and bump your head or anything bad like that.”
“My hero…”
“Get in,” Devyn growled, pushing Brett ahead of him. He switched on only one of the lights, figuring Brett probably didn’t need blinding at this moment. “You like some coffee, maybe?”
“I’d like a kiss,” Brett blurted. “I think I’m in desperate need of a kiss.”
“What?” Devyn’s smile faded as he stared at the handsome man swaying in front of him.
“Please. Please, just kiss me.”
Devyn stepped forward and cupped Brett’s face between his hands. Their eyes locked as he slowly drew Brett’s face near. Their mouths met, a soft brushing of flesh on flesh cooled by the night air, quick to warm as their lips pressed more firmly together. Devyn closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around Brett’s torso.
Brett’s lips parted slightly, just enough to invite Devyn in, and he slid the tip of his tongue over Brett’s lower lip then pushed gently into the moist warmth of his mouth. A long shuddering sigh escaped Brett, his arms wound around Devyn’s neck, holding him while their tongues danced and tussled and the intensity of their kiss mounted.
Devyn was rock hard inside his jeans and knew he wasn’t mistaken about the erection Brett pressed into his thigh. He moaned, tightening their embrace, deepening the kiss, grinding his crotch into Brett’s. Another shudder coursed through Brett’s body then Devyn heard the unmistakable sound of a sob.
His eyes widened when he leant back and saw the tears running down Brett’s cheeks. “I don’t think I’ve ever had that effect on anyone before,” he murmured.
“I’m sorry…” Brett stepped away from him. “So sorry, Devyn. I shouldn’t have asked you to do that.”
“That’s okay, I didn’t mind. It was very nice really. But why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
“Oh god, no. No one wants to hear that stale story again.”
“I haven’t heard it, so how could it be stale to me? Here, I’ll make us some coffee, put on the fire, and we can talk. Okay?”

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