Monday, June 14, 2010

Tempest fugit

I know, it's pretentious to use foreign languages for headers, especially Latin, but time really is flying, and I was shocked when I realized it's been two months since I wrote anything for this blog. You might think nothing of interest has been going on in my life - and you'd be right. Kidding. How can a writer's life be uninteresting - at least to one's self?
I've been busy of course,writing and narrating audio books, line proofing and doing some reviews for Rainbow Reviews. So time does not hang heavily in the Bowie household, no siree. New releases in the last couple of months have been RED, an Anthology published by MLR Press, Slaves to Love 2 released through 1Romance ebooks and A Deadly Game, also published by MLR Press.
Total-e-bound has accepted two stories from me, With A Little Help From My Friends, about a guy whose friends just hate seeing him single, and Blood Relations, my latest vampire tale. This one is set in the future when vampires have civil rights (!) and a whole lot of people are not happy about that.
Like I said I've been busy, and hey, it keeps me off the streets. So take a gander at the great covers to your right, then find out more by clicking on them.
Until next time. xx