Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dark Valentine

My Bloody Valentine collection (Book #2)

 Valentine’s Night, when the line between the real and unreal becomes blurred…

New boyfriends Brandon and Ryder are invited to an upscale Valentine’s party in Santa Monica. Brandon had heard how ‘fabulous’ the parties are, so he’s surprised by the creepy d├ęcor, and some even creepier ghouls who seem to have taken the place of the hosts. They can’t be real, can they?

An erotic cabaret that ends with one of the dancers seemingly either killed or seriously injured upsets Brandon. Ryder attempts to calm him down, but they’re both horrified when they discover a dead body upstairs with a knife embedded in its chest.

What the heck kind of a party is this?

And will Ryder and Brandon live to find out?





 A Special Christmas by J.P. Bowie A romantic hideaway on a snow-covered mountain — what better place to meet the man who could heal a broken heart?

Almost Home by Lisabet Sarai Home is a state of heart.

Chasing Alex by Em Woods Trapped by a snowstorm in a remote cabin in northern Michigan, photographer Victor Schwartz hopes to convince his assistant, Alex Merit, that he has serious intentions…

Three festive and romantic stories -- 'tis the  season after all!


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Blood Kiss: A Vampire Romance (My Vampire and I Book 10)

What's a guy to do when the right man for him is…a vampire?

Years ago, Daniel Farrow, then only eighteen years old, had a crush on his bright-eyed, blond-haired co-worker Roger Folsom, but Roger disappeared without a trace. Daniel’s never forgotten Roger and is delighted when he’s given a chance to meet him again.

Although the reunion is a little strained, Daniel is introduced to handsome Leon de Castillo, a man with whom he feels an instant, if slightly mystifying, bond, which only intensifies the more time he spends with the older, elegant Leon.

After spending the night with Leon, Daniel is accosted by a neighbor, Morris, who warns Daniel that Leon is not what he appears to be. Daniel ignores his creepy neighbor, but when Leon’s unbelievable secret is revealed, Daniel sees his future with Leon crumble to dust.

Because a relationship between a human and an immortal could never work, could it?

Naming the Cowboy -- Book four in the Hot in the Saddle series!

Stuart and Cole are reunited after a decade apart, but can love overcome resentment after so long?

Cole Cassidy, Stuart Reynolds' protector against their abusive foster father, shattered Stuart by leaving him behind the day he turned eighteen. As much as Stuart hoped and prayed that Cole would return and rescue him from the hell he lived in, it never happened.

Ten years later, Cole is stunned to find Stuart working at the Seven Plus Ranch...and Stuart is not at all happy to be reunited with the man he thought had deserted him all those years ago. Stuart learns he has been harboring an undeserved resentment toward Cole, and while recounting the time they'd endured together, a strong bond is forged between them that soon deepens into love. But Stuart is still haunted by memories of his past abuse and relives them in nightmares he feels will be too much for Cole to understand—or live with.

When a homophobic employee Cole was forced to fire returns to the ranch to destroy his work, Stuart's nightmares escalate, and unless he can find the strength to confront his past demons, it will be his newfound relationship with Cole that's laid to rest...



When Tim meets Ryan it's “Yippee yi yo kayah!; at first sight...almost!

Tim Barrett, working at the Seven Plus ranch, receives some terrible news and has to fly home to Reno to comfort his sister. When he returns, it's to find the owners have hired a new hand, ex-wrangler Ryan Horton. At first wary of Ryan's flirting, Tim can't deny that he's attracted to the man.

Tim's been through an awkward relationship in the past, and he doesn't know very much about Ryan, apart from that the man's hot in bed. When he presses Ryan for information, it causes a rift in their fledgling romance.

As if their own differences weren't enough, Tim has to deal with Brady, a guest who can't seem to understand the word No! It becomes Tim's mission in life to keep Ryan well away from Brady for fear of Ryan laying the pesky guest out.

Can Tim navigate a path through the various obstacles that seem determined to get in his way before finding a safe haven in the arms of the man he's learning to love?


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Double give away!

Enjoy this double give away of Unbreak my Heart and its sequel, The Love Between Us.

Unbreak my Heart - After being massively dumped by the man he though he'd spend the rest of his life with, Jason believes going solo will save him from another heartbreak. Funny that it's the heart that knows when the right man comes along...

The Love Between Us - Matt is looking for more than a one-night stand. Nate is looking for his first man-on-man experience. A relationship made in heaven—or a disaster waiting to happen?

To win, please leave a comment below with your email addy and your format preference. will choose 3 winners from the names -- Good luck!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I am originally from Scotland, but have lived in the US for longer than in my homeland. I seem to travel back and forth between Nevada and California. My first US city was Las Vegas, then San Diego, and ultimately Cathedral City, Ca. with my husband, Phil.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Murder by Design

Detective Sam Walker gets a surprise phone call the day he wakes up with the hangover from hell. The caller informs him that his name is Justin and that they met the night before in a gay bar. Not only met, but kissed and traded phone numbers and Sam has no memory of it at all. Intrigued, Sam wants to meet Justin again, but any chance of that is delayed when he and his partner are assigned a murder investigation and told to take care of it ASAP.
Sam has a problem, a deeply personal one that he doesn’t talk about, but when he’s with Justin the problem seems to disappear and he’s convinced he’s been given a new lease on life. His elation is short-lived, however, when the case he and his partner are working on takes a dark turn.
Justin also has a problem…Maria Esteban, a fiery-tempered Puerto Rican who owns the fashion company Justin designs for. Theirs is a volatile relationship and when tragedy strikes, the finger of suspicion points at him.
Can Sam save Justin not only from a bigoted detective intent on cracking the case quickly, but from a new and unexpected source, too? Or is their love affair doomed before they can truly savor Sam’s newfound freedom from the past?

Love on the Rocks

Detective Joe Brady wakes up lying at the bottom of a cliff on a pile of rocks with a blond-haired angel hovering over him. No, he’s not in heaven. The blond is Riley Peterson, and his dog Champ is the one responsible for finding Joe. Fortunately for Joe, Riley is a paramedic and quickly gets him the emergency attention he sorely needs.
Shot by his rogue partner Bob Murdoch when Joe discovered Murdoch was running a protection racket for drug pushers, Joe wants to find Murdoch and bring him to justice, but he’s got a long road to recovery in front of him. While Joe is recuperating, Murdoch is arrested, giving Joe time to get to know Riley, the handsome paramedic. The two quickly bond, but Riley has an ex-boyfriend who wants back in Riley’s life and certainly has no qualms about playing dirty to get what he wants.
Slashed tires, an assault in a parking lot, and a prison break all seem set to doom Joe and Riley’s budding relationship. And when the deranged Murdoch determines to make them pay for his fall from grace—at gunpoint—it seems their relationship isn’t the only thing in danger

The Journeyer Book 1 - 4

 Book One

The Journey Begins

Jamie MacDonald, a young Scot mourning the deaths of his father and brothers in the ill-fated battle of Culloden, decides to take his mother to the New World. But tragedy and unforeseen circumstance dog Jamie’s journey and he is pressed into service aboard a pirate ship commanded by a ruthless Spaniard.
Antonio Rodriguez is a man with a dark past, but also with an allure Jamie cannot resist.
The two men embark on a stormy relationship—but can their feelings for each other survive the danger that surrounds them, threatening not only their love, but their very lives?

 Book Two

The New World

When Jamie finally reaches the Americas, he is a changed man—one whose innocence has been replaced by a keen sense of self-preservation and a determination to survive, no matter what. That determination is challenged when he is charged with piracy and must choose between a death sentence or life as an indentured slave.
Choosing to live, he suffers the humiliation of slavery until he is rescued by Tanaka, a Choctaw warrior-shaman. Jamie joins the Choctaws against the soldiers of King George, who are trying to force them off their land. It isn’t long before Jamie and Tanaka’s admiration for each other becomes a love that will shape their destinies.

 Book Three

The Fight for Freedom

As the English army advances on the Choctaw nation, Jamie and Tanaka enlist the aid of a young Lieutenant, William McBride, who is sympathetic to the Choctaw cause. Their quest for peace is thwarted by Captain John Davenport, who orders their arrest then leads his men into a crushing defeat at the hands of the Choctaws. Court martialed for desertion under fire, Davenport seeks revenge on all those he holds responsible for his fall from grace.
As all these forces come together for the final struggle to survive, Jamie and Tanaka face their greatest challenge yet. Is their will strong enough to overcome those who seek to destroy them, and can their love protect them from the hazards of the wilderness itself?

 Book Four

Into The West

Jamie and Tanaka encounter an English encampment adjacent to a Choctaw village and, much to Jamie’s amazement, are welcomed by the commander, Captain Matthew Garland, and his companion, Nashoba, a Choctaw chief. Before long, Jamie and Tanaka are involved in yet another confrontation with the French, this time on the side of the English. Jamie, at first wary of the affable Captain Garland, soon begins to see that the man is honorable and a good leader of his men.
When they reach their objective, Fort Bligh, they find it commanded by a drunken Colonel Fowler, and Matthew is forced to assume command. The fort is attacked by a large French army, the leaders of which are already infuriated by Jamie, Tanaka and the Choctaw scouts’ successful attempts to harass the army’s approach.
But the danger they all face comes not only from a common enemy, but also from within their own ranks when a humiliated officer intends to punish Matthew for his supposed treason.
Can Jamie and his friends save Matthew from a deranged man out for revenge, or will grief overshadow victory?

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Here we come a caroling!!


Alan’s trying to get over a broken heart. Only in his friends’ opinion he’s taking too long. Coerced into going out dancing with them he meets Matt Hanson, a man as different from Alan’s ex as night is from day. But can Matt help heal Alan’s heart, or is it too soon to even try? And will Alan’s ex try to wreck Matt and Alan’s fledgling romance? Looks like it will take more than just the joy of Christmas to make their season bright…

This Christmas: A short story by J.P. Bowie

Leave a comment before Dec. 9th and win a free copy. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you - and let me know the format your prefer.