Thursday, December 3, 2015

Murder in the Desert A Nick Fallon Investigation #5

A 'clothing optional' gay resort is threatened by a vandal with perhaps more than just destroying property on his mind.

When Nick Fallon is hired to investigate a series of threatening phone calls and vandalism at a gay resort in Palm Springs, he and his husband, Eric Jamieson, are given first class treatment by the owners... when they first arrive.

Coming face to face with a group of men who all seem to have something to hide, except their dislike for one another, frustrates Nick as he tries to sift through the lies and deception.

A fire, and a seemingly senseless murder, complicates Nick's search for the truth. As he uncovers details of past criminal records and a murky family history that includes arson and violence, his frustration grows.

Which of these men had motive and means to commit murder? The answer is-all of the above.

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  1. Hi J P I have all your Christmas books! Congratulations on the release of your Nick Fallon book I've added it to my wish list.


  2. OOhhh this sounds really good. Congratulations on your new release. Thank you for the chance.


  3. Congratulations on your new release.
    Sounds good. I've not read any of the Nick Fallon books yet *adds to wishlist*

    lillianfrancis at rocketmail dot com

  4. Is this book going to be released on Amazon at some point i cant seem to find it on there. I love all your books and have been waiting patiently for more of Nick Fallon. :)

    1. Never mind i found it. I must not have used the right Title. Everything has to be so perfect or it says it can not be found. Got it now! Cant wait to read!!

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