Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Snog - in Victorian England

This excerpt is from The Officer and the Gentleman - Robert MacDonald, a young Scotsman recently made heir to his grandfather's fortune attends a soiree at a fashionable townhome in London where he meets Captain Charles Wentworth, an officer in the Royal Hussars:

The rain had indeed ceased, and the night had taken on a balmy feel. A gentle breeze ruffled Robert’s curls as he and Charles stood together looking down across the verdant sweep of the lawn, only just visible beneath the lightening sky.
For a while, neither man spoke then Charles turned and smiled at Robert. “May I say, sir, that you are a very pleasant addition to my aunt’s usually rather boring soirees?”
“Thank you.” Robert felt his cheeks glow at the compliment. “And may I say that I did not expect to meet a dashing cavalry officer this evening?”
Charles chuckled. “Emily been keeping me a secret, has she?”
“She mentioned in passing that she had a brother…”
“Only in passing?” Charles affected mock displeasure. “I shall have to have words with my dear sister.”
“She did say I would like you. And in that,” Robert added shyly, “she is correct.”
“Then I have forgiven her already.” Charles met Robert’s eyes, and Robert had to fight the urge that threatened to overwhelm him. The urge to forget all propriety and fling his arms about Charles, hold him pressed to his own eager body and taste the sweetness of his full lips. He trembled from the need building inside him. His cock throbbed and pushed against the front of his trousers, and he flushed with embarrassment at the sight he must now present.
“Shall we stroll a little?” Charles suggested.
Robert could not find his voice to reply but simply nodded once, so sharply he almost did his neck an injury.
They walked down the steps that led to the garden path and were soon swallowed by the darkness, the moon having scudded behind some clouds that loomed overhead. They paused to look back at the brightly lit house, from which emanated the sound of voices and laughter. Robert jumped slightly as he felt Charles slip an arm around his waist, then he leaned against the strong body and let himself be steered towards a large oak tree.
“No one can see us here,” Charles said, his voice low and strangely husky. He pulled Robert into his arms and held him, his lips a mere inch from Robert’s, his breath sweet and warm on Robert’s skin.
“Dear God,” Robert heard himself whisper as Charles kissed him. His lips were taken by a moist warmth that caused his head to thrum. For a moment, he thought he might swoon then he was kissing Charles back, his lips parting to let the other man’s tongue slip inside his mouth. Charles moaned, and his erection ground against Robert’s. Both men shuddered as their desire swept through them. Their arms tightened about one another, their kiss deepened, tongues meshing, tussling, caressing…
All too soon, Charles broke away, slightly out of breath. “Not here, Robert. Not here amongst this mud and wet grass.”
Robert thought he might fall over without Charles to support him. He reached out and gripped Charles by the shoulders.
“You…you’re right,” he stammered. “It wouldna’ do for our first time. I have rooms in Mayfair, if you would do me the honour of accompanying me there.”
“I am the one who would be honoured, Robert.”
“How can we make our excuses?”
“I’m staying at the officer’s club in Marylebone while I’m in town. I will tell my aunt that I’m taking you there to introduce you around to the chaps, that kind of thing.”
“Excellent. Let’s away then.”
Charles chuckled. “Patience, Robert. Though I am flattered at your eagerness, we must not just rush away. We’ll go in and chat for little while then—”
“Every second we tarry will seem like an hour.”
“And every hour we spend together will seem like a second,” Charles murmured, kissing Robert’s lips gently. “Come now, let us go in.”
Just before they entered, Charles turned to study Robert in the light thrown onto the terrace from the salon. Gently, he brushed down the lapels of Robert’s coat and straightened his collar.
“There,” he said his voice once again strangely husky. “You are quite presentable, sir.”


  1. Love this story J.P. It's one of my favorite re-reads. I will be reading it again. Any plans to record and audio book of this one? I would love to hear Robert's voice.

  2. Actually Robert's voice was the one I used to 'audition' for total-e-bound - but so far they haven't asked to narrate that one - darn it! I'd love to do that story and Trip of a Lifetime - Gavin's one of my favorite guys. Thanks for the comment! Cheers, JP