Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Release - He Ain't Heavy

Brad and Duncan McKinley, brothers, best friends and business partners think that the most difficult part of the days ahead will be the aftermath of their coming out to their parents---but secrets their parents had been keeping from them all their lives come to light in a brutal fashion.
The murder of their parents exposes a brother they never knew existed, a man without a conscience who is out to destroy them, but not before he reveals to them something that will not only change their lives forever, but also make them come to terms with the feelings for one another they have suppressed for years.


  1. This sounds so good! Mystery, suspense, and if I know you, some hot sex!
    Can't wait to get this one!

  2. I have it can't wait for my finals to be over so I can read it, I am sure I will get scare through out the story and will have to walk away.LOL Cynthia

  3. Just hold on to the thought that both men are hot and you'll be safe, Cinderella!

  4. Wow! You have outdone yourself JP! Whadda read, whadda rollercoaster ride! I went from happy to sad to creeped out-terrified to extremely satisified....Great stuff!

    More, more, more..... :)

    Happy Holidays darlin!

    hugs, jo

  5. Loved this JP - any spin offs - maybe between a certain pair of FBI Agents? Merry Christmas and thanks again for a great read, you're always on my must read list x Riley

  6. I'm always open to reader's suggestions - and. F. B. I agents are hot - so yeah - not ruling out a sequel. Thanks for all your comments and support!