Thursday, July 28, 2011

Latest in the Portrait Series

A holly jolly Christmas with friends is all artist Peter Brandon and his private investigator partner Jeff Stevens expect when they visit their buddies, Andrew and David, in New York City. All that changes when a party guest ends up murdered and Andrew is considered to be the prime suspect.

The situation worsens when the murdered man's wife accuses Andrew of trying to persuade her husband to have a gay affair with him. It's up to Jeff and a sympathetic NYPD detective, Nick Fallon, to try to clear Andrew's name. They are, at times, aided and then hindered by Peter's erratic psychic abilities-or disabilities, as he calls them- that eventually lead them to a powerful and unexpected showdown when the real killer is exposed.

Along the way, new friendships are made and tested-and one is irrevocably destroyed by lies and denial. This is another fast-paced page turner from J.P. Bowie that will keep you guessing all the way to the end-and perhaps, beyond...


  1. I love the books in this series and the related Nick Fallon books!

    I do have a question: Will A Self-Portrait and A Portrait of Olivia be availble in ebook in the future?

  2. Yes, sorry took so long in replying - sometimes I'm a bit blog-retarded! Self Portrait is up next for kindle and nook, but is still in the editing process - thanks for your interest - Cheers, JP