Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, after a few setbacks, and some grim words from tight lips, I finally managed to get the banner at the bottom of the page to link directly to my website - hooray! A sense of well-being and self- gratification has settled over me - or could that be the effect of the Dewar's on the rocks my honey just brought me? Whatever, I can now relax until I have to dream up something interesting to say - but tomorrow is another day, right Miss Ohara?


  1. JP,

    I am enjoying your blog so far. Congratulations on getting your banner to link.

  2. Hey Jim

    Awesome. Great job. I actually love trying to figure everything out (the nerd in me). You've accomplished a lot in such a short time. Give yourself a pat on the block and start rambling.


  3. LOL - I often mutter while trying to update my blog and website. I enjoyed reading your posts. :)

  4. Congratulations on your new blog, J.P.


  5. Hey, JP!
    nice clean look to the blog.
    Now down to the really good stuf ;~D
    I love Robert Gant! My hubby and I are newbie fans of QAF and I fell in love with the guy. And, as we say in my language, such a mentsh!
    Oddly enough, I was looking up stats on gay athletes and just found Billy Bean a couple of weeks ago.
    Who's the hunk in the bottom pic?
    You have good taste, boychik!