Thursday, July 30, 2009

For those of you who may not know who the heck I am, my monicker is J.P. Bowie and I write gay erotic fiction, commonly known as m/m. You may sometimes see those initials on a man's shirt or sweater label, but then it means medium, not man on man,

Last weekend I spent time in Kansas City with Carol Lynne - don't think I need introduce her - she's a famous writer of m/m fiction! She was hosting an author/reader get together, and I must say, it was a blast. it was so great to get to meet people who previously had just been email addresses, and the occasional tiny photo. Carol did a great job, keeping us fed and entertained. We even went to see a movie where we sat in recliners, and were waited on by some very friendly and perky waiters while we watched The Proposal. The movie was okay, the food great and the service impeccable. I never want to see another movie without this kind of pampering!

In case you're interested I have quite the list of books published by total-e-bound - a publishing company based in the UK, and by MLR Press under the auspices of Laura Baumbach, herself a great writer of m/m fiction. You can see all my books listed at my website


  1. Hey Jim! So glad to see you blogging.

  2. Jim it was great to meet you last weekend. I love forward to reading your blog and hope to see you next year.

    Theresa A

  3. Why thank you, Jim. It's an honor and a privilage to publish your fabulous work!